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Life Without Limbs is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by friends like you who want to reach out to people around the world with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for those who support this work through generous gifts, both large and small.

All donations are secure. Life Without Limbs will not rent or sell your personal information to other companies or individuals.

By signing up as a Hope Partner, you authorize Life Without Limbs to charge your account every month in the amount selected. Donations will be automatically deducted from your account each month by Life Without Limbs. If at any time you would like to increase, decrease or suspend your monthly giving, you can send a written and signed request by fax to (818) 706-3363, e-mail to donations@lifewithoutlimbs.org, or mail to Life Without Limbs, P.O. Box 2430, Agoura Hills, California, 91376. Within the limits prescribed by United States law, donations are tax deductible. Donations, including designated gifts for specified programs, are gratefully received with the understanding that any funds exceeding expenses will be used in Life Without Limbs' ongoing programs and, per IRS regulations, Life Without Limbs has exclusive control over distribution of funds. Donations are not refundable.

Life Without Limbs has been a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) since 2011.

Premier Table Sponsorship

Dan'L Markham

Vice President of Development and
Ministry Relations for Life Without Limbs

Please email us your contact information to secure a table
sponsorship and we will follow up shortly. Thank you!


In addition to giving online through our secure shopping cart, we also accept credit card donations over the phone and US checks or money orders via postal mail.

Donate By Phone

Please make your credit card donation by calling our main number:

(818) 706-3300 Main
(855) 303-5433 US Toll Free
8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Donate By Text Giving

Type in a donation amount and a space followed by the key word
LWL to #45-888.
Example: “$50 LWL”. For further instructions, visit lifewithoutlimbs.org/text2give.

Donate By Mail

Please send your check or money order (US funds only) to:

Life Without Limbs
P.O. Box 2430
Agoura Hills, CA 91376


If you would like to donate stock(s) to Life Without Limbs, please use the information provided here. Please contact your broker to begin the transaction process, as well as for questions you may have. Life Without Limbs does NOT provide financial advice on your stock account, selling, buying or investing stocks.

  • Account Name: Life Without Limbs
  • Account Number: 867597244
  • DTC #0188
  • Broker Name: TD Ameritrade
  • Broker Phone Number: (800) 669-3900

Donate By Wire Transfer

If you prefer not to give online and would like to wire transfer a donation from your bank account, please call us and we would be glad to assist you. Call (855) 303-5433. Thank you.


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“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…”

Ephesians 5:20 ESV

The first time Kiyoshi gave me a hug brought me a rush of gratitude towards God that I’ll always remember. A few months ago, my wife gave birth to our second son, Dejan. Seeing Kiyoshi kiss his newborn brother was another moment I’ll never forget. God had multiplied our joy! Then, shortly after our Dejan was born, my family received devastating news. My beloved father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Life is strange, isn’t’ it? We experience joy punctuated with grief. In the middle of all of this, a sudden urgency has fallen over me like never before. Have I told my dad how much I love him and how much his love for me fortified me over the years?

Life is volatile and fragile. Life is short. But life is not without hope! With your support, Life Without Limbs is bringing wounded and dying souls to the throne room of God. At His feet, they find healing. They find salvation. They find eternal life. Nothing else matters more.

Be the miracle. Help us bring people to Jesus. Donate today!

All premiums and gifts have a Fair Market Value that may need to be deducted from your donation. Please click here for more information.

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World Outreach

To donate to the 2013 World Outreach or to learn more about a specific country, please click the button below:

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Join Nick & Life Without Limbs in bringing the Gospel to all 50 states and beyond with your donation toward these transformational events.

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